Employment Opportunities

Eye Disease Consultants is seeking a Choroidal Imaging Specialist

The work environment is a practice specializing in ocular inflammatory diseases for which the practice is frequently the tertiary or quaternary referral from other physicians.  A choroidal imaging specialist conducts diagnostic imaging on patients with the end-goal of producing detailed images of the posterior uvea (choroid).  He or she frequently conducts imaging on patients with uveal inflammation to detect ocular inflammatory diseases.

A choroidal imaging specialist generates high-quality images of posterior segment structures, operating imaging equipment including six-function Heidelberg laser scanners and software, including indocyanine green angiography (ICG) infrared scanners and deep choroidal scanning software.
He or she conducts detailed evaluation of individual patients; and utilizes this information to develop an approach that is geared to the individual patient history.
Utilizing Heidelberg software, a choroidal imaging specialist applies individualized patient evaluation to (1) obtain the best and most relevant imaging of affected area, (2) interpret images, and (3) analyze images alongside physicians.  He or she performs scheduled maintenance or repairs on imaging equipment.  He or she also participates in research projects in the field of ocular inflammation.

Qualified applicants will have a Master’s degree in anatomy or equivalent, and 2 years of work experience, which must include working with Heidelberg laser scanners for imaging of choroidal circulatory system and structure.  An MD degree would be considered equivalent to at Master’s in anatomy.  Applicants should have advanced knowledge of eye anatomy and inflammatory eye diseases (including etiology and progression) and the ability to utilize that information to know what to look for and how to obtain best images. 

Applicants may apply by sending a CV and cover letter to edcllcstaff@gmail.com