Q: How long will my office visit be?
A: Your office visit will generally take at approximately two hours to complete. If you have a special problem or have been referred for consultation, additional time may be required to carry out certain tests and procedures.

Q: What should I bring to my appointment?
A: Please bring your eye drops, eye ointments, glasses and/or contact lens information to each appointment. Also, please bring your sunglasses into the office for your visit.

Q: What additional information do I need as a new patient?
A: New patients should plan to arrive a few minutes early. General information will be verified and a copy taken of your photo ID and your current insurance card. This process is required even if you are scheduled for a Routine or Vision examination, as we will need to verify eligibility with your insurance company.

Q: Why are waits so long sometimes?
A: Due to emergencies, the need for extended services for some patients and other unforeseen circumstances, we are sometimes unable to stay on schedule. Please be patient. Your doctor will spend the time necessary with you as well. Although our reception area may appear to be crowded, be assured that patients are treated according to scheduled appointments. We have several doctors and other staff seeing patients, which means patients that may have arrived after you may be called before you, for another doctor. During your visit, your doctor may determine that additional testing or services are necessary. We may be able to perform those tests or services at that time or it may be better to reschedule for a later time. We will always do our best to see you in a timely manner and provide you with high quality care you have come to expect.

Q: Will I be dilated?
A: It may be necessary to dilate your eyes during the course of your visit. Dilation results in light sensitivity and blurred near vision, which gradually improves over several hours. You might find your vision (after dilation) to be more comfortable if you bring your sunglasses into the office for your visit. However, we can provide you with disposable sunglasses.

Q: Can I drive after being dilated?
A: Most people feel comfortable driving after dilation, but if you are unsure, please be safe and bring a driver with you.

Q: What is a privacy policy and why do I have to sign it?
A: We are committed to protecting the privacy of its patients. We maintain safeguards to store and secure information and comply with the standards established under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. The way we use or disclose your information is detailed in our Notice of Privacy Practices.
Notice of Privacy Practices

Q: How do I know when my next appointment will be and where?
A: We are now using an automated reminder system to enhance our service to our patients. You will be called two business days before your next visit to give you the day, date and time of your upcoming appointment. It will also provide you the opportunity to confirm your appointment using your telephone keypad. If you are unavailable when the call is made, and have voicemail or an answering machine, a brief message will be left for you. We trust that our patients understand that it is their responsibility to keep their booked appointments and hope that this new technology will be helpful in that regard.

Q: Where are the surgeries performed?
Our ophthalmologists have surgical privileges at Hartford Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Center and Hartford Hospital Eye Surgery Center in Newington

HARTFORD: 85 Jefferson Street, Hartford CT
NEWINGTON: 505 Willard Ave, Newington CT

Q: Do you validate parking?
A: No, for our Hartford location, the patients are responsible for parking fees. There is no fee for parking at our West Hartford location.

Our office staff is available to speak with you Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at 860-549-2020.